The MiMi Botanicals products were developed to support a normal daily facial care regime.  It is recommended that the products be used once a week to give your skin the boost it needs.  To avoid toxin build-up we advocate the use of natural and organic products in your daily facial care regime.

The MiMi Botanicals Facial Care Range was developed based on a four-step regime:


The first step involves facial steaming using one of the MiMi Botanicals Facial Steam blends in a bowl of hot water.  It is recommended that a towel tent is used to direct the steam onto the facial area.  It is very important to hold your face an appropriate distance from the steam bowl (we recommend 15-20 cm) to avoid the steam burning the skin.

Steaming will soften the upper layers of the skin to make the dead skin cells easier to remove in the next step.  It is also an aromatherapy session that allows you to relax and breathe for 10-15 minutes. 


To purify, cleanse and detox the skin a clay mask is recommended.  Each one of the MiMi Botanicals Clay Masks were developed to address specific problems.  The clay should be mixed with water to form a paste, and applied to the skin.  The clay not only absorbs toxins and oil, it also provides a gentle exfoliating effect when applied in circular motions.

After 10-15 minutes, wash the mask off with warm water and pat the skin dry. 


Hydration is provided in the form of the MiMi Botanicals Skin Tonics.  These water-based tonics are rich in vitamins and nutrients that will absorb quickly into the pores after purification.  The use of a water-based product after purification allows small molecules to enter the pores before a the treatment oil, which acts as a barrier, is applied.

The skin tonics will deliver instant hydration to the deeper layers of the skin.  To lock in the moisture, the last step involves the application of a treatment oil. 


In the last step the rich, nutrient-dense  treatment oil is applied to the skin.  It is recommended that a drop of oil be placed on the finger tips and lightly dabbed all over the face and décolletage.  The oil will deliver larger molecules to the skin cells and will consequently take a little longer to absorb.  The presence of the water-based skin tonic on the skin, will assist in the efficient delivery of nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.